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“Connect . Link” The concept behind Hands 8 is to make links and connections. We believe that comfort and style can come together in daily life to enrich minds. That is why we work with dedicated designers and craftsmen to bring inspired pieces that we are proud of to showcase to our clients.
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Green products, free from artificiality


The name “NAYULA” was derived from the words “natural”, “yuzen” (“relaxed” in Japanese), and “land”, which represents Life.

We are constantly striving to provide our customers with natural, environmentally friendly,and sustainable products that they can invest in.


NAYULA seeks to create simple, comfortable footwear for day-to-day life. Inspired by Nature and the spiritual teachings of yoga, our ethical designs make use of eco-friendly materials and reflect the colours of the natural environment.

NAYULA’s clean silhouettes complement everyday outfits and endure beyond seasonal trends to maximise the use of our footwear and reduce their impact on the environment.


Firmly rooted in Nature, NAYULA rejects the use of polyurethane (PET) in our footwear. Our cow and goat leathers are ethically sourced by-products from cattle raised for consumption in Bangladesh, ensuring that this precious resource is maximised while avoiding adding to manmade waste to the environment. 

NAYULA products are fully produced in Bangladesh. With a predominantly Muslim population, all of our materials and processes adhere to Halal guidelines and are Muslim friendly. 

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