Hands 8 Trading ハンズエイトトレーディング | Our Story
“Connect . Link” The concept behind Hands 8 is to make links and connections. We believe that comfort and style can come together in daily life to enrich minds. That is why we work with dedicated designers and craftsmen to bring inspired pieces that we are proud of to showcase to our clients.
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Our History

Armed with a passion for shoemaking and design, Hiroshi Baba began creating quality ladies’ footwear in Japan in 2005. It was with the same ardor that he established Hands 8 Trading in Singapore in 2011, providing customised shoe design, manufacturing, and production management services to international clients.

Staying true to his love for ladies’ shoes, Hiroshi started No.88 PROJECTS to offer women from all walks of life, well-crafted and stylish footwear suited to the 21st century lifestyle.


かねてより靴のデザイン・ものづくりに熱意を注いできた馬場 浩が、2005年、日本でレディースシューズ企画をスタート。その活動を地盤に、2011年、シンガポールでHands 8 Trading を設立。

オリジナルブランド No.88 PROJECTS を立ち上げ、世界中の女性たちの、めまぐるしく変化するライフスタイルに向けて新たな価値を提案しています。

Our Philosophy

Guided by our concept: “Connect. Link.”, No.88 PROJECTS listens to our customers, and works closely with designers and craftsmen to create quality ladies’ footwear that express a woman’s femininity, individuality, and confidence.

Each shoe is made with great attention to detail using top-grade materials; this is our commitment to customer satisfaction.




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