Hands 8 Trading ハンズエイトトレーディング | No.88 PROJECTS
“Connect . Link” The concept behind Hands 8 is to make links and connections. We believe that comfort and style can come together in daily life to enrich minds. That is why we work with dedicated designers and craftsmen to bring inspired pieces that we are proud of to showcase to our clients.
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Every outfit tells the world something about you. A bit of heel here, a pop colour there, let you confidence and individuality shine through with our eye-catching pumps and smart loafers. After all, No.88 PROJECTS is all about self-expression.

ファッションは自己表現できるツールだから、今の自分に合わせて靴を選んで欲しい。クールなパンプスやマニッシュなローファーで、女性の強さや自信を主張して。ちょっとしたヒールがあったり、ポップなカラーがあったり、たまには遊び心も忘れずに。No.88 PROJECTSは女性を輝かせるためのブランドです。

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